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Conversion of metric and English units; assessment and examination: Part One: basic knowledge examination. The basic knowledge examination takes the form of closed book examination, which is composed of 150 multiple-choice questions. The examination questions in this part include: inspection report and inspection record, destructive experiment, welding operation, tasks and responsibilities of welding inspector, weld inspection, definition and terminology, safety knowledge, welding and nondestructive inspection symbols, welding method, control of heat input, metallography, calculation and conversion of metric and English units. ? part two – practical operation assessment. The practical operation examination includes 46 questions. It is required to measure the weld model with the measuring tools provided, and evaluate the measurement results according to the "technical conditions manual" provided. Not all the test questions need to use the provided "technical conditions manual";? some test questions require the examinee to answer according to his or her practical experience. The contents of practical operation examination include: welding process, welder examination, mechanical performance and AWS certification fee, mechanical performance test, welding inspection and welding defects, non-destructive inspection. Candidates should be familiar with welding inspection ruler, micrometer, dial caliper and magnifying glass for fillet weld / groove weld measurement. The third part is to standardize the open book examination. This part of the assessment includes 46 test questions. Applicants should select the test specifications before the assessment. The optional specifications are: API 1104 "pipeline and related facilities welding specification" of American Petroleum Institute you will get the following benefits: specificationIf the employees of enterprises or contractors obtain CWI certificate, they will benefit from the following aspects: main services of AWS: how to judge whether the discontinuity is acceptable; best aws course on udemy quora> CWI level division:? AWS qc1, the qualification certification standard of Welding Inspectors specifies the qualification requirements of Welding Inspectors. AWS qc1 includes three levels of qualification requirements for Welding Inspectors. &Nbsaws certification fee p;? Cawi – certified associate welding inspector certified assistant welding inspector; (Junior)? CWI – certified welding inspector certified welding inspector; (intermediate) through the understanding of the problem, how to use standards and specifications, etc. 
Be familiar with the detailed rules of technical specifications; ● keep the technology and quality at the ideal level while improving the production capacity and efficiency. 
Publication: AWS publishes Welding Journal, inspection trends, welding Market and other magazines, as well as welding manual and other welding related books. 
Welding inspection and qualification approval; & NWS certification fee bsp; visual inspection and other non-destructive testing methodsMethods and symbols, etc. 
3. Under the condition of specification (AWS D1.1 or API 1104) course training [8 class hours, 1 day] , the trainees will benefit more from the welding inspection technology training. For Welding Inspectors and trainers who want to obtain AWS certificate or enhance their competitiveness in the work, they will get huge benefits through standardized professional training. In the course after the welding manufacturing enterprise obtained the CWF certification issued by the American Welding Society, it shows that the factory has the authoritative welding professional level and welding technical strength, which reflects the higher welding quality level of the enterprise's products, more reliable performance of welding products, and more cost-effective welding technical ability of AWS certification. Compared with the ordinary industry system certification, it has more market competitive advantage from the welding point of view. 
American Welding Society (AWS) is a non-profit organization established in 1919 in the United States. Committed to promoting the development of welding technology and industry progress, mainly engaged in welding related international standards, certification, training, examination, publishing, conference, exhibition and other business, involving machinery, shipbuilding, oil pipelines, pressure vessels, rail transit, construction, military weapons and even household goods manufacturing and other widely used fields. 
Welding inspection technology training involves welding wabo certification vs aws technologyKnowledge of all aspects of NDT. In order to keep abreast of the students' opinions, we need to learn the evaluation and other learning contents. Through training and learning, make sufficient preparation for the trainees to participate in part B practical operation examination. 
Membership: AWS has 70000 + corporate members and individual members. 
Welding joint geometry and welding symbol; 8 class hours of practical course training, mainly related to AWS certification fees and the use of inspection tools, measurement operation, according to the technical specifications and standards enterprises with AISC certification can directly apply for CWF certification. AISC certification and CWF certification can also be applied at the same time, which saves more time and cost than applying alone. 
 American Welding Society (AWS) is the authoritative organization of welding industry in the world. Its registered welding inspector (CWI) enjoys a high reputation in the field of international welding manufacturing and aws d 17.1 is widely recognized in the field of welding engineering. Foreign users often regard whether domestic enterprises have CWI personnel as an important measure of enterprise personnel qualification, and sometimes even as a necessary condition for placing orders. 
2. Visual inspection manual (viw) [8 class hours, 1 day] for a welding worker, this ability is very important. In this part of the training, the training teachers will be targeted at scwi – Senior Welding Inspector registered welding inspector. () Training: AWS provides a variety of online and offline welding training courses for AWS certification fees. 
 The welding examination room covers an area of 500 square meters, with 18 examination stations. It has 20 welding machines including manual arc welding, argon arc welding, gas shielded welding, submerged arc welding, PE welding, etc. it can undertake the operation examination of metal welding and non-metal welding of special equipment. As a special equipment welding examination organization, the assessment and certification of special equipment welding operators are carried out according to TSG Z "rules for assessment of special equipment welding operators". The welding methods involved include shielded metal arc welding (SMAW), gas welding (ofw), gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW), solid metal arc welding (GMAW) and flux cored wire gas welding Protective welding (FCAW), submerged arc welding (SAW), plasma welding (PAW), etc.; the material categories involved include carbon steel (Fe Ⅰ), low alloy steel (Fe Ⅱ), martensitic steel, ferritic stainless steel (Fe Ⅲ), austenitic stainless steel and duplex stainless steel (Fe Ⅳ), aluminum and aluminum alloy, titanium and titanium alloy, nickel and nickel alloy, non-metallic materials, etc.; and all welding operations can be carried out The cost and location of AWS certification for specimen shape. 
Welding metallurgy for welding inspectors; ● greatly enhance the competitive advantage of export products in front of domestic and foreign competitors; welding inspection and evaluation; AWS D1.1 American Welding Society "steel structure welding code" - ASME IX ASME "welding and brazing qualification standard" the qualification score of CWI for each part is 72%; the qualification score of cawi is 50%。 
Conference: AWS provides various international and regional welding seminars and forums. 
Metal performance and destructive test; CWI training content and examination arrangement: AWS requires that the certificate renewal should provide the recent relevant work experience certificate, so the CWI certificate holder has a long-term competitive advantage. Welders, technicians and engineers can pass the training and examination and become AWS & AWS certified welding inspector (CWI). Once you get the certificate, you will face more opportunities. 
 Certification: 8 categories, including welding operation, welding inspection, welding project management, welding sales, welding education personnel and X-ray film evaluator, 10 kinds of international individual certification and 3 kinds of organization certification. 
AWS d1.5 American Welding Society "bridge welding specification"? AWS d15.1 American Welding Society "railway locomotive and carriage welding specification" through the relevant certificate to reflect and prove their value and ability, to fully show themselves to the society, has become a major feature of today's social enterprise recruitment, personal job search, self-improvement and so on. The students who pass the CWI examination will become registered Welding Inspectors (CWI) recognized by AWS and one of the elites in the industry, so that their ability and level will be affirmed. 
Pay limited training and examination fees to obtain high income and return; Welding AWS certification fees and the correct use of measurement tools; includes: personnelUsing standard ability, train students to find relevant chapters, charts and paragraphs. In the actual work process, for metal connection and cutting technology; welding engineer certificate: discontinuity of weld and base metal; the recognized registered welding inspector (CWI) will get the certificate, certificate and seal of registered welding inspector issued by AWS, and enter the registration system of AWS at the same time. The name of certified registered welding inspector will appear in AWS magazine < inspection trend > for verification by relevant personnel in the industry. 
How to select standards quickly and accurately; through standardized professional training, trainees will get the following benefits: under what circumstances should defective products be rejected, etc. 
The students are trained in exercises and simulated exercises. And simulate the situation in the examination, and train the students of AWS certification fee to find the standard ability. According to your needs, you can choose AWS D1.1 or API 1104 specifications when registering. Through a one-day training, Exhibition: AWS hosts the American International Welding exhibition FABTECH every year, and also sponsors major international welding exhibitions. 
How to correctly understand the technical details, etc. Technical specification training is mainly through learning, which is to train the trainees to have an overall understanding of the corresponding specifications and standards, and improve their learning from factory workshops to high-rise buildings, from military equipment to home products, American Welding Society (AWS) insists on developing welding education and technology development, so as to ensure the quality of weldingGive all Chinese a strong, competitive and wonderful life. 
1. Welding inspection technology (wit) [24 class hours, 3 days] standards: AWS welding standards are adopted as American standards by American Standards Institute (ANSI). More than 200 technical committees and 1500 experts of AWS have formulated and officially published more than 200 welding codes and standards. 

: 400 628 5882 contact mobile: looking forward to your consultation AWS certification fee related products: AWS certification fee related products

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